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Verona, why are you so famous?

There are many reasons why Verona city is so famous all-around the world.  In this video our owner Simone tell us just some of them. The first? Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet a a world famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare.

The old city centre, encircled by the beautiful Adige River, is full of great stone monuments leave by Romans as well as medieval Scaligeri family or later Venetians rulers.  Just think about the Arena Colosseum and you’ll get straight to the point.

But Verona is famous also for it’s own local wines like the “Amarone della Valpolicella” the premium red from the hills, the crispy white “Soave”, the refreshing and salty “Lugana”, sweet “Reciotos” or the great roses “Chiaretto” from the nearby Garda Lake.

Whatever type of wine you like the best, in our Caffè Monte Baldo you will find the one that’s right for you.

Come and visit us at to enjoy our superlative wine menu and our huge selection of wines available by the glass.

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